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UndergroundMixes began in 2003 as an idea between two DJs (Z. Walthall & G. Treanor) to post mixes for friends and fellow club goers.

Today, UndergroundMixes has grown into the elite source for the best in underground electronic music from around the world. It is the only place that delivers the music sought by those who truly love to get-down.

Electronic music is pretty much all we think about and it literally runs though our veins...

Hundreds of new pieces of electronic music are located each month, which allows us to find the right music and mix it to create an atmosphere that takes our fans on a journey of the soul.

Every UndergroundMixes' compilation tells a story whether it is rhythmic, spiritual, or both.

If you are a DJ/Producer and have an electronic music track that you would like to send to us for review, please click here for more information.

UndergroundMixes needs your help to keep the music playing...

UndergroundMixes is a subscriber supported website, and to keep this site operational help from our loyal fans and subscribers is always appreciated.

Support for UndergroundMixes can be made by downloading any of our Featured Mixes, as well as merchandise from our Online Store.

Help keep UndergroundMixes alive and keep the world groovin', show your support today!

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